Private Equity

Learn more about the advantages of this investment form with high yield potential. 

We are your broker for private equity investments in innovative and ambitious companies.

Private equity is a financial instrument that gives companies the opportunity to increase their equity. Investors invest in companies off the stock exchange and acquire their shares.

Unlike shares, private equity investments can often lead to significantly higher returns for investors, as they sometimes share in the profits earlier. In addition, private equity investments also usually offer greater control over the direction of the business, as well as its expenses and success. 

The chance to be among the first investors before a company is listed.

In recent years, private equity has developed into a proven investment instrument for yield-oriented investors. The steadily growing private equity market reflects the increasing importance of equity capital for financing companies.

The odds of winning with this type of investment are extremely promising. Private equity offers an interesting alternative to classic bank loans, especially for young, innovative companies.

For an investor, the large variety of offers can seem overwhelming, since potential and risks are often difficult to weigh up. With the help of our mediation and advice, you will find transparent, promising offers and precisely understand the framework of your investment.

The advantages of private equity are manifold and are characterized by high returns and possible investor participation. The companies Schwarzhorn Capital AG brokers generate a high added value for our industry. They distinguish themselves from the rest of the industry through their innovative strength and growth potential.

Schwarzhorn Capital AG offers its investors the opportunity to participate in the success of these companies. They receive company shares and thus participate in the growth and profits. At the same time, the investment enables the company to expand and develop. 

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We will be happy to advise you.

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