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Take an active part in shaping the future - through private equity investments, you become part of the success.

Private equity investing allows companies to avoid going public, giving management more freedom to run the company. This additional freedom also gives investors a high degree of influence over the company and its operations.

Furthermore, the volatility of the market is much lower compared to other forms of investment and the investor usually receives potentially higher returns in the long term than on the stock exchange.

Professional advice based on transparency, independence & commitment.

Investments in non-public companies have enormous growth potential. The market development of the last few years proves this impressively, which is why institutional as well as wealthy private investors are increasingly looking for such opportunities.

We are very well networked in the industry and work with the most promising young companies in Switzerland. One focus of our work is the careful selection of projects and companies. We only place them if we see promising innovations and high chances of success.

Schwarzhorn Capital AG addresses potential investors considering promising investments. Specially selected for you, we present possible partnerships. Following such a presentation, we offer you the opportunity to acquire company shares and thus also certain asset and voting rights.

We deal in detail and professionally with all important factors, such as possible risks, special features and opportunities. Schwarzhorn Capital AG acts as an intermediary for strong and innovative private equity investments and accompanies you in your long-term success.

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We will be happy to advise you.

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