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Competent consulting & promising mediation in capital matters.

With our goal to achieve the best possible success for investors and capital seeking companies, we advise and mediate you professionally. Your needs are our top priority and we at Schwarzhorn Capital AG will support you on your way to a successful capitalization or investment.

An initial consultation with us will provide you with a holistic and objective overview of your situation. Together with you, we develop an optimal strategy and accompany you in its implementation. We keep you transparently up to date and continuously adapt our strategy to current risks and opportunities.




We are here for you! This means that we listen carefully to you, work with you and put your needs first. Our employees are aware of this and work according to our values of discretion, independence, reliability, and transparency.

We work diligently, yet always strive to exceed your expectations. Objective quality assurance takes place on an ongoing basis and guarantees that we can maintain and improve our standards. Just like the returns on private equity, our consulting services are not of a short-term nature. We stand for support in all stages of an investment and a company. We are your contact for private equity brokerage and corporate finance consulting. 

Due to our versatile experience, we are the first choice for investors & companies.

Private Equity

Private equity is a financial instrument that gives companies the opportunity to increase their equity. Investors invest in companies off the stock exchange and acquire their shares. Unlike shares, private equity investments can often lead to significantly higher returns for investors, as they sometimes share in the profits earlier. 

Investment needs

Private equity investing allows companies to avoid going public, giving management more freedom to run the company. This additional freedom also gives investors a high degree of influence over the company and its operations.

We keep you up to date.

Relevant news from Schwarzhorn Capital AG and reports on the current market situation can be found here. 

Advantages of Private Equity for Swiss SMEs

The disadvantages of going public for Swiss SMEs are manifold. First of all, it is very expensive and time-consuming to go public.

A growing market with great potential

Private equity investors and companies in Switzerland have increasingly benefited from the attractive returns of this investment vehicle in recent years.

Our qualities

Up-to-date expertise is the basis for competence and success. In order to remain competitive in an ever-changing world, it is important that we continuously update our knowledge. Continuous training enables us to expand our competencies and keep our knowledge up to date.
We place particular emphasis on close customer support. Through our specialized knowledge and our discreet and careful handling of your affairs, we achieve convincing results. Through personal discussions, we can get to know your needs and your goals and put together a tailor-made financing and investment package.
Transparency and clarity are important elements of good communication. We communicate honestly and openly with our customers. The resulting basis of trust enables us to take targeted action and inform you about risks. This trust is the foundation of a successful investment.
The actions of our employees are based on clear values, which enables us to achieve our goals. Our employees are able to provide factual and objective advice. We take strict care to ensure that our team acts ethically and adheres to precise guidelines.
A company's or investment's chances of success depend heavily on the quality of its strategy. A good strategy can provide a company or investment with first-class opportunities and be very profitable. But developing a successful strategy is not a simple task. There are many factors that need to be taken into account. This is exactly where we are the experts.

Are you looking for professional advice on private equity?

We have excellent experience in private equity and successfully mediate investors and companies. Contact us for further information or a detailed consultation.

We will be happy to advise you.

We will be happy to advise you.

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